Across the River
Mission Hub The Close Farms
Average Enemy Level
Quest Progression
Previous Investigate the Farmhouse
Next The Bandit Camp

Across the River is a mission in the The Close Farms mission hub.


Spoiler Warning!

Following the trail of destruction from the farmhouse previously, your character and the companions head north. They find another farmer in need of aid and sometimes lend a hand. Crossing the bridge leads you to more and more bandits, who are fiercely protecting something. Finally, you come to the last clearing and the entrance to their camp. A battle with all of the numerous guards ensues but you take a break to recuperate once you're done.


Main ObjectiveEdit

Across the River: Follow the path across the river to track the bandits.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

Bandit Masks: Collect bandit masks from the loot bags dropped at the end of battle. There are 5 masks to collect.

Recommended you do the sub-quest to increase chance of finishing the secondary objective in one pass of the level.


Put out the Fires: Talk to the farmer with the gold exclamation point to start the quest. Go up the path to the left of the screen. Click on the four barrels of water to put out the fires. You get two extra bandit fights, helpful when you are trying to level up at low levels, after clicking on two of the barrels. Once all the fires are out, talk to the farmer again to turn in the sub quest. Does not need to be completed on a run when going for the Time Score.


Picture Name | Picture Name
Bandit |


  1. Top of the map, after you cross the river. It is guarded by the battle with the bandits in the clearing.


For specific strategies on beating this mission, please visit Across the River/Strategies

Completion RewardsEdit

  • Player XP (approximately 2,400)
  • Gold (approximately 1,200)
  • Lumber (approximately 1,200)
  • Companion XP (approximately 800)

Card RewardsEdit

  • Gold (approximately 10,000)
  • Lumber (approximately 5,000)
  • Companion XP (approximately 2,500)
  • Level 5 Gear (Common and Uncommon)
  • Runes
  • Gems
  • First pass through Across the River