The Blacksmith is a place where players can enchant their gear for increased primary stats, craft useful tems, socket gems for additional stat benefits, refine gear for potentially better secondary stats, and 

Enchanting[edit | edit source]

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Enchanting is a process by which the primary stats on a piece of equipment become more potent. This process can be costy, and has a chance to fail. The chance to fail can be lessened or completely removed by use of luck runes, however!

Success Rates[edit | edit source]

Success rates vary depending on a player's level, and the currency used.

  • At levels 1 to 20, gear will have a 100% success rate of going from +0 to +1. For every successful enchant after, the success rate decreases by 5%, to a minimum of 5% from +19 to +20.
  • For every level you gain after 20, the success rate increases by 5% for an enchant of the same level. For example, at level 30, enchanting gear from +10 to +11 will have a 100% success rate, +19 to +20 will have a 55% success rate, and +29 to +30 will have a 5% success rate.
  • Enchanting with shardium will always result in a 100% success rate.
  • If enchantment fails, the enchantment cost and any luck rune used will be consumed, the equipment will stay the same level as it was, and the success rate will stay the same.

Enchantment Costs[edit | edit source]

Enchantment costs vary depending on the rarity of the gear being enchanted, and the current enchantment level of the gear.

  • In terms of rarity, Epic gear costs the most to enchant, and Common gear costs the least.
  • In terms of enchantment levels, +29 gear costs the most to enchant, while +0 gear costs the least.

The formulas that determine what the cost increase is for increasing rarity and increasing enchantment levels are currently unknown.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Crafting is a process in which the player turns items and ingredients into other, potentially more potent or useful items. Currently the player can craft luck runes, gems, and reforge crystals.

Luck Runes[edit | edit source]

Product Picture Description Ingredients Cost (gold)
Small Luck Rune +20% enchant success rate 2x Tiny Luck Rune 1,000
Ordinary Luck Rune +30% enchant success rate 2x Small Luck Rune 2,000
Decent Luck Rune +40% enchant success rate 2x Ordinary Luck Rune 3,000
Good Luck Rune +50% enchant success rate 2x Decent Luck Rune 4,000
Considerable Luck Rune +60% enchant success rate 2x Good Luck Rune 5,000
Amazing Luck Rune +70% enchant success rate 2x Considerable Luck Rune 6,000
Extraordinary Luck Rune +80% enchant success rate 2x Amazing Luck Rune 7,000
Perfect Luck Rune +90% enchant success rate 2x Extraordinary Luck Rune 8,000

[edit | edit source]

Gems[edit | edit source]

Gems come in 4 varieties: Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Endurance. Each gem increases a stat of the same name by an amount that depends on its tier.

The recipes for the gem tiers Square, Star, Marquise, and Imperial must be bought from the Shardium Shop for 100 shardium each.

Gem Tier Picture(s) Stat Bonus Ingredients* Cost (gold)
Flawed +6 2x Chipped Gem 100
Regular +12 2x Flawed Gem 200
Flawless +21 2x Regular Gem 300
Perfect +33 2x Flawless Gem 400
Radiant +48 2x Perfect Gem 500
Square +66 2x Radiant Gem 600
Star +87 2x Square Gem 700
Marquise +111 2x Star Gem 800
Imperial +138 2x Marquise Gem 900

*The gem ingredients must be of the same variety as the product gem. If you're making a Flawed Strength Gem, you need 2 Chipped Strength Gems to make it.

Reforge Crystals[edit | edit source]

Reforge Crystals are used in the reforging process (discussed in more detail in the Reforging section). They can also be obtained via Salvaging (discussed in more detail in the Salvaging section).

Name Picture Description Ingredients Cost
Rare Reforge Crystal Used to reforge Rare gear 5x Uncommon Reforge Crystal 300
Epic Reforge Crystal Used to reforge Epic gear 5x Rare Reforge Crystal 400

Gem Socketing[edit | edit source]

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Gem Socketing is the process by which the player adds gems to his equipment's gem sockets. Currently, players are only limited to one gem socket per item, but this number will likely increase to a maximum of 4 in a future expansion. Socketing gems does not cost gold, while unsocketing gems from gear will cost the player 2,000 gold. The Gems are not destroyed when unsocketed, and are placed back into the inventory.

Selling or salvaging gear with gems socketed will result in the gem unsocketing itself and going back into your inventory.

Reforging[edit | edit source]

Work in progress!

Salvaging[edit | edit source]

Salvaging is the process by which unused equipment is broken down into materials. The amount of materials you receive is based on the gear's level, while the types of materials you receive are based on the gear's rarity.

  • Common gear gives 2-3 Common Scraps.
  • Uncommon gear gives 1-2 Uncommon Reforge Crystals, 1-2 Uncommon Scraps, and 2-3 Common Scraps.
  • Rare gear gives
  • Epic gear gives 2 Epic Reforge Crystal, 7 Common Scrap, 5-6 Uncommon Scrap, 3 Rare Scrap, and 2-3 Epic Scrap.
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