The Close Farms (Lvl 4-10)

Investigate the Farmhouse

-Stolen Tools

Across the River

-Bandit Masks

The Bandit Camp

-Stolen Goods

Jareq's Search (Jareq)

Winding Road Start

Winding Road Middle

Winding Road End

The Lonely Mountain (Lvl 9-11)

Journey to the River

-Flower Picking

The Troll Under the Bridge

-Crawfish Collection

The Bear's Lair

-Animal Pelts

Mother Nature's Helper (Lilinth)

Beaten Path Start

Beaten Path Middle

Beaten Path End

The Gruhl Goblin Camp (Lvl 12-13)

Find the Goblin Leader

-Steal Fish

Chase the Goblin Leader

-Collect Goblin Idols

Goblin Mop Up

-Free Goblin Prisoners

Trodden Route Start

Trodden Route Middle

Trodden Route End

The Back Country (Lvl 16-17)

The Destroyed Camp

-Collect Bandit Daggers

Overlook The Gate

-Slay infected Wildlife

Defeat the Untouched Forces

-Collect Order Scraps

The Fleeing Bandit (Jareq)

Creepy Detour Start

Creepy Detour Middle

Creepy Detour End

The Maraouder Incursion (Lvl 18-20)

Defeat Marauder Scouts

-Round Up Missing Pigs

Sneak to Marauder Camp

-Collect Bear Pelts

Defeat Marauder Leader

-Collect Marauder Armor

Treasure Hunters! (Lilinth)


The Canyon Gate (Lvl 20-21)

Welcome to the Desert

-Light the Watch Towers

Survive the Raider Ambush

-Collect Raider Pouches

Leave the Canyon Before Nightfall

-Long Way Around

Jareq's Night in the Desert (Jareq)

Lilinth's Desert Ruins (Lilinth)

Dried River Start

Dried River Middle

Dried River End

The Still Oasis (Lvl 22-23)

Oasis Ambush

-Cobra Skins

The Road to Quevira

-Cactus Flowers

Escort the Caravan

-Escort the Trader to Town

Lilinth's Desert Predator (Lilinth)

Dusty Path Start

Dusty Path Middle

Dusty Path End

The Caravan Route (Lvl 24-25)

The Missing Caravan

-Disturbances in the Sand

Caravan Ambush

-Bandit Weaponry

Interrogate Bandit Survivors

-Find Caravan Survivors

Rocky Crossing Start

Rocky Crossing Middle

Rocky Crossing End

The Bandit Outpost (Lvl 26-28)

The Desert Watchpost

-Ancient Pottery

The Desert Camp

-Critical Supplies

The Desert Leader

-Buried Bandit Stashes

Closing in on the Nemesis (Jareq)


Crooked Way Start

Crooked Way Middle

Crooked Way End

The Hidden Gulch (Lvl 29-30)

Scout the Thieves' Camp

-Shards in the Rough

Defeat the Thief Leader

-Desert Moonshine

Search the Thief Camp

-Feints within Feints

Toshe's Demise (Jareq)