Christof, the Exiled Paladin, is a companion obtained from completing the single player campaign mission Search the Thief Camp.

Christof is classed as a Warrior.


Christof flies into your character's life after trying to take down the mysterious EPD. He has his suspicions about what is going on and causing the troubles between Astralon and Quevira, but he won't say yes or no with surety. He likes your battle skills, so he joins your band of merrymakers and hangs in the Tavern where you can get his deep thoughts on the current situation.


Skill Picture Type Leveling Priority Description
Overpower Skill Moderate Christof overpowers an enemy, dealing damage. For one turn, if that enemy attacks Christof, it will be for less damage. After rank 5 deals extra damage based on Christof's Ability Power.
Crushing Blows Auto-Attack Moderate Christof auto-attacks the enemy, dealing damage and giving Christof rage with each attack.
Strike Skill Moderate Christof attacks an enemy, dealing damage and giving him 5 rage. May cause bleeding after rank 5.
Impale Skill Moderate Christof attacks an enemy, dealing large damage to the enemy. 
Furious Skill Low Christof charges for a turn, causing his next attack to deal more damage. Restores some rage after rank 5.

Gear QuestsEdit

Christof currently has no quests to upgrade his gear.