Clear the Toy Factory Lobby
2014 xmasevent1
Mission Hub The Toy Factory Grounds
Average Enemy Level Player Level
Chests 1
Quest Progression
Previous n/a
Next Reclaim the Receiving Key

Clear the Toy Factory Lobby is a mission in the The Toy Factory Grounds mission hub from the Holiday Season 2014 event.


Spoiler Warning!

The Santa Goblin has asked you to clear the lobby of his toy factory. Your character and your companions enter the lobby, to be in awe by the size. Going to the right, you notice plastic soldiers to whack, but one pile fakes you out and you find yourself fighting the crazy toys. Successful (hopefully), you continue looking for more toys to kill and eventually find the door leading to a creepy ballpit filled corridor. Once in the corridor, you face G.I. Jacobs, who guards the locked door to the factory floor. With the lobby clear, you go back to check in with the santa goblin.


Main ObjectiveEdit

Clear the Toy Factory Floor: Kill all the toys you come across on the way through the lobby to the factory floor door.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

Evil Toy Parts: Collect 10 evil toy parts from loot bags dropped from battles for one of santa goblin's helpers, who wishes to learn about the villainly inclined child entertainment devices.


Picture Name | Picture Name
Enemy toy soldiers
Toy Soldiers |
Mega trex
Mega T-Rex 2000
T-Rex Toy |
Evil snowman
Evil Snowman

Boss: G.I. JacobsEdit

G.I. Jacobs is a giant toy soldier that fights you at the end of the mission. His stats seem similar to the toy soldiers, except proportionally higher. He has no known special attacks.


To the right of the door leading to the corridor. It is guarded by a pair of Mega T-Rex 2000s.


For specific strategies on beating this mission, please visit Clear the Toy Factory Lobby/Strategies

Completion RewardsEdit

  • Player XP
  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Companion XP

Card RewardsEdit

  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Companion XP
  • Gear of your player level (Common and Uncommon)
  • Runes
  • Gems