Get ready to have a lot of sand in your've reached the desert, complete with a not-so-peaceful oasis, bandit camps and caravan routes. Full of extremely giant and deadly versions of insects and your worst nightmares, the guard to entrace of the desert wishes you "to have fun." Among the enemies you will be facing in your search for the Bandits are the Giant Wasps, Giant Scorpions, Giant Cobras and the anorexic Sandworms. Also, the Spiders, Wolves, Bears and Boars are back, but this time of the Sandy variety. Throw in a sprinkle of Sand Goblins for good measure and your desert journey will be an interesting one.

There are 5 areas to do Missions and 4 Paths between those areas.

Map[edit | edit source]

Mission Hubs[edit | edit source]

Below are the 5 mission hubs in the Desert in order. Within each, you will find the several missions associated with the hub, and the travel missions between the hub you are viewing and the next one.

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