Investigate the Farmhouse
Mission Hub The Close Farms
Average Enemy Level 4
Chests 1
Prerequisites Complete "Companions Level 3" quest
Quest Progression
Previous Intro Forest
Next Across the River

Investigate the Farmhouse is a mission in the The Close Farms mission hub.


Spoiler Warning!

Your character and the companions explore a burning farm. The bandits you encounter are a little drunk and confused, thinking you're farmers as you approach with weapons drawn. They also like fire, as they stand around and watch the buildings burn. Once you find the farmhouse, the leader comes out with a couple flunkies and tries to leave no survivors.


Main ObjectiveEdit

Investigate the Farmhouse: Follow the path through the mission to the end.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

Stolen Tools: Collect farm tools that have been stolen by the bandits by clicking on the loot bag and mousing over the tools that pop out. There are 8 tools to find.


Picture Name

Boss: Bandit LeaderEdit

The Bandit Leader is a giant bandit with higher overall stats. He has no special moves.


  1. This chest is located in the second farm plot you pass. It is guarded by a pack of bandits.


For specific strategies on beating this mission, please visit Investigate the Farmhouse/Strategies

Completion RewardsEdit

  • Character XP (approximately 1,500)
  • Gold (approximately 800)
  • Lumber (approximately 800)
  • Companion XP (approximately 500)

Card RewardsEdit

  • Gold (approximately 10,000)
  • Lumber (approximately 5,000)
  • Companion XP (approximately 2,500)
  • Level 4 Gear (Common and Uncommon)
  • Runes
  • Gems

  • First time through Investigate
  • Heroic complete