Jareq, the Outlaw, is a companion obtained from the Intro Forest campaign mission.
Jareq min

Jareq with 4 pieces of new gear

Jareq is classified as a Warrior.


Jareq is a wanted man in Quevira, set up for murder by his ex-friend Toshe. When you're not busy chasing down the bandits plaguing the shards, he takes you out to look for Toshe so he can clear his name and have justice.


Skill Picture Type Leveling Priority Description
Strong Passive Low Passively increases Jareq's Strength. Passively increases Attack Damage after rank 5.
Crushing Blows Auto-Attack Moderate Jareq auto-attacks the enemy, dealing damage and giving Jareq rage with each attack.
Strike Skill Moderate Jareq attacks an enemy, dealing damage and giving him 5 rage. May cause bleeding after rank 5.
Cleave Skill Moderate Jareq attacks a row of enemies, dealing damage to all enemies in the row. Adds minor Ability Power scaling after rank 5.
Furious Skill Low Jareq charges for a turn, causing his next attack to deal more damage. Restores some rage after rank 5.

Gear QuestsEdit

Jareq currently has 5 quests where he obtains upgraded gear. In order, they are: