No More Bad Toys!
Mission Hub The Toy Factory Grounds
Average Enemy Level Avg. of player levels
Chests 2
Quest Progression
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No More Bad Toys! is a multiplayer mission in the The Toy Factory Grounds mission hub.


An evil, shard-infected teddy bear has taken control of the toy factory! Enter the main factory with the two keys you collected earlier from the single-player missions and encounter the cutest boss on this side of Titan. With friends at your side, fight your way through the bad toys, and beat the fluff out of that bear!


Defeat Teddy, the evil toy bear that has taken control of the toy factory.


Picture Name | Picture Name
T-Rex |
SoTholiday mission3
Enemy toy soldiers
Toy Soldiers |
SoTholiday mission3
Scrooge (miniboss)
Assemblasaurus Rex |
Guerilla Soldiers


Boss: Teddy BearEdit

Teddy is a boss consisting of two forms spread over two waves:

  1. Toy Monstrosity -- Teddy hops into a toy robot called the Toy Monstrosity to start wave 1. This boss has high stats for its level, both in terms of offense and defense. It has a move called Toy Smash, that deals increased damage over its normal attack.
  1. Teddy Bear -- Teddy leaves his robot after it's destroyed by the team of players, starting wave 2. Teddy has reduced speed and defensive stats compared to the Toy Monstrosity, however he only has one special move that he always uses when he attacks, called Belly Magic. Belly Magic causes Teddy to release tremendous power from the red shard in his chest, dealing incredible damage to a single player (over 71k damage from a level 30 Teddy).


  1. The first chest is located just right of the entrance after completing the first cutscene. It is guarded by Scrooge and 4 snowmen.
  2. The second chest is located up from the first Assemblasaurus fight, after the second cutscene. It is guarded by, you guessed it, a pack of 4 Assemblasaurus.


Even at lvl 30, players that tries to soloed this mision should requires high lvls on speed and be able to do moderate damage to Teedy, since it has a lot amounts of health.

Good lvls of speed would be good to defeat with ease both the toy soldiers and the super assemblers t-rex.

For specific strategies on beating this mission, please visit No More Bad Toys!/Strategies

Completion RewardsEdit

  • Player XP
  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Companion XP

Card RewardsEdit