The final building that is unlocked at level 30, which is located beside the arena.

This building provides tasks to complete in order to accrue paragon tokens to be spent on either skills, epic (purple) equipment, or trinkets. These are labelled in tabs as Tasks, Skills, and Store. 

Bounty missions are also started from this building.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

The tasks so far are:

- Complete '[Campaign mission name]' on Heroic Difficulty

- Donate x resources (Gold, lumber, or companion EXP)

- Complete level x of the Hall of Trials (Levels 15, 20, 25 or 30)

- Achieve x amount of arena victories

- Collect any Single/Multiplayer bounty

- Complete x Multiplayer Mission (The Crystal Crusade or The Untoched Incursion)

- Dig up a rare/epic shard

Each mission gives 2-5 tokens depending on its difficulty (?).

Once you accept a task, it stays with you until you either complete it or you cancel it. Some tasks reset on the daily server reset and can be accepted again (or are lost on the next task reset). Tasks you ignore/cancel/complete get refreshed every 2 hours (you can refresh early for 80 shardium). VIP players get two extra available tasks to choose from per day, but all players have 20 attempts per day at tasks. Cancelling a task does NOT refund your attempt

Skills[edit | edit source]

There are 9 skills:

- Player Damage

- Player Armor

- Player Magic Resistance

- Player Speed

- Player Luck

- Player Health

- Player Target Single

- Player Target Row

- Player Target All Damage

Each skill upgrade costs 20 paragon tokens at level 1 and increases each bonus by 0.2% per rank. Upgrading a skill also increases the paragon level shown above your token amount by 1 per rank.

After every two upgrades in the same skill, the cost is increased by 1 - level 3 skill costs 21 tokens, level 5 22 etc. A detailed table of skill cost and rank can be found here .

The maximum to which a skill can be upgraded is level 100, giving a 20% increase. (needs confirmation)

Store[edit | edit source]

The store sells the Brotherhood set, which only differs in how it looks compared to the Hall of Trials' Delver set. Their primary stats are identical. The store also sells a trinket.

Prices for each piece of the set are:

Item Price
Weapon 1250
Armor 1000
Hat 1000
Gloves 750
Leggings 750
Boots 750
Cape 750
Ring 750
Trinket 750

Bounties[edit | edit source]

There are currenlty two types of bounty missions - solo and group. Both net 3 paragon tokens upon completion, with the first mission of the day granting double (so make sure to complete that one!).

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