In Shards of Titan, stats increase you and your companions' battle prowess by giving passive bonuses during battle. For example, armor will reduce the physical damage you take from an enemy.

Stats come in two varieties: direct and indirect stats.

Direct Stats[edit | edit source]

Direct stats influence your battle prowess directly.

  • Health (HP) increases the amount of damage you and your companions can take before they're out of the battle.
  • Attack Damage (AD) increases the amount of physical damage your character does. Wizards get no benefit from this stat.
  • Ability Power (AP) increases the amount of magical damage your character does. Warriors get very little benefit from this stat.
  • Armor decreases the physical damage you take by a percentage.*
  • Magic Resist (MR) decreases the magical damage you take by a percentage.*
  • Speed decreases the time between your turns in battle.**
  • Critical increases your chance to score a critical hit by a percentage. Critical hits deal double damage to your target(s).

*Note: After a certain amount of Armor/MR, some very low-level monsters may begin hitting you for 0 damage. We are unsure about the specifics of this, or even its relation to Armor/MR.
**Note: The amount of speed bonus is dependent upon the character's level (clvl) and speed (cSpd).'

This percentage speed bonus can be calculated as such:
(cSpd - bSpd) / bSpd
where "bSpd" is 16 + clvl x 4

Indirect Stats[edit | edit source]

Indirect stats increase your primary stats by a certain amount.

  • Strength increases your Armor by 1 point, and your Attack Damage by 3 points. It is the primary offensive stat taken by Warriors.
  • Dexterity increases your Armor and Magic Resist by 0.5 points, and your Attack Damage and Ability Power by 1.5 points. It is the primary offensive stat taken by Rangers.
  • Intelligence increases your Magic Resist by 1 point, and your Ability Power by 3 points. It is the primary offensive stat taken by Wizards.
  • Endurance increases your Health by 20 points.
  • Luck increases your Critical by 6 points.

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