The Ranger is a playable character in Shards of Titan.

Description[edit | edit source]

Rangers are agile, bow-wielding adventurers who rely on their hybrid (mixed) damage, speed, and luck to best their opponents. In battle, these rangers gain and consume Energy by attacking and using their active skills.

Skills[edit | edit source]

When entering a new instance, your Energy is reset to 0. Skills take the spot of your next autoattack, they do not trigger separately.

Skill Picture Type Cost Description Rank 1/5/10/15 Bonus
Healthy Passive N/A +10% Max HP for each rank. Regen 0/1/2/3% of your Max HP per turn.
Armorer Passive N/A +10% Armor for each rank. Reflect 0/3/6/9% of enemy physical damage taken.
Resistant Passive N/A +10% Magic Resistance for each rank. Heal for 0/2/4/6% of magic damage taken.


Passive N/A +20% Luck for each rank. 0/1/2/3% chance to completely dodge an attack.
Leadership Passive N/A Increases Companion damage modifier to 50% + (2% * rank).  Companions have a ?/50/60/70% chance of focusing your target (Base value unknown).1
Dexterous Passive N/A +5% Dexterity for each rank. +0/2.5/5.0/7.5% Attack Damage and Ability Power
Enchanted Arrows Auto-attack +1 Auto-attacks for mixed damage based on a piecewise function. At max rank, deals 110% AD and AP as damage. Gain 0/2/3/4 Energy from every attack (this is not including the +1 Energy innate to the skill).
Magic Arrow Skill +5 Attack for mixed damage based on a piecewise function. At max rank, deals 250 + 112% AD + 140% AP damage. No cooldown. 20% chance to reduce armor by (0/20/40/60%) for 2 turns
Scattershot Skill -15 Hit all enemies in a row for mixed damage based on a piecewise function. At max rank, deals 450 + 77% AD and AP. No cooldown. 20% chance to reduce target's speed by (0/20/40/60%) for 2 turns
Hail of Arrows Skill -20 Hit all enemies for 10+5 damage per rank and increasing AD and AP per rank. No cooldown. Increase 0/10/20/30% of Attack Damage on all enemies
Piercing Arrow Skill -30 Pierce single enemy for 40+50 damage per rank. Hit enemy for 137%+18% Attack Damage per rank and 127%+16% Ability Power per rank. No cooldown. 0/10/20/30% bonus damage if targeted is affected by Pincushion
Rapid Reload Skill -15 Hit single enemy for 30, then 50, then +30 damage per rank. Hit enemy for 77%+6% Attack Damage and Ability Power per rank. Increase your speed by 10%+5% per rank for 1 turn. No cooldown. N/A
Pincushion Skill -15 Shoot single enemy for 30+20 damage per rank. Hit enemy for 65%+3% per rank Attack Damage and 55%+3% per rank Ability Power. Damage increased by 10%+3% per rank if affected by Pincushion last turn. No cooldown. N/A
Aim Skill 0 Increase damage of next attack by 110%+5% per rank. 3 turn cooldown. Instantly gain 0/20/25/30 energy

1The base value is likely the natural chance your companions have of hitting the enemy. If there are 4 enemies, the natural chance to hit any of  the 4 enemies is 1 in 4, or 25%.

Notable Gear[edit | edit source]

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