Reclaim the Receiving Key
SoTholiday mission2
Mission Hub The Toy Factory Grounds
Average Enemy Level Player Level
Chests 1
Quest Progression
Previous Clear the Toy Factory Lobby
Next Reclaim the Shipping Key

Reclaim the Receiving Key is a mission in the The Toy Factory Grounds mission hub from the Holiday Season 2014 event.


Main ObjectiveEdit

Reclaim the Receiving Key: Get the receiving key from the Gigasaurus Rex.

Secondary ObjectiveEdit

Frosty's Shipments: Collect all 6 of Frosty's shipping crates hidden throughout the mission.


Picture Name | Picture Name
T-Rex Toy |
Enemy toy soldiers
Toy Soldiers
Mega T-Rex 2000 |
Cheap Toy
Evil snowman
Melting Snowman |
Mega trex
Megasaurus Rex


Boss: Gigasaurus RexEdit

Gigasaurus Rex is a giant toy t-rex that you fight at the end of the mission. His stats seem similar to the Mega T-Rex 2000's, except proportionally higher. He has no known special attacks.


The only chest in this mission can be found by taking a right at the fork in the path, about halfway through the mission. It is guarded by


For specific strategies on beating this mission, please visit Reclaim the Receiving Key/Strategies

Completion RewardsEdit

  • Player XP
  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Companion XP

Card RewardsEdit

  • Gold
  • Lumber
  • Companion XP
  • Gear of the player's level (Common and Uncommon)
  • Runes
  • Gems