Teddy, the Mad Mage, is a companion obtained from doing the Oasis Ambush campaign mission. 

All hail King Teddy

Teddy is classified as a Wizard.


Teddy loves fire....really loves fire. Also, he is the King, because no one else has claimed dibs on it. He comes with you because he gets bored sitting around the Oasis. Best to just back away slowly when you don't need him. He might singe you.


Skill Picture Type Leveling Priority Description
Staff Lore Auto-Attack Very Low Teddy auto-attacks the enemy, dealing damage and giving Teddy arcane power with each attack.
Fireball Skill Moderate Teddy attacks an enemy, dealing damage and giving him 5 arcane power. 20% chance to explode and hit all enemies for 10% of his Ability Power after rank 5.
Firestorm Skill Moderate Teddy attacks all enemies on screen, dealing damage to them all. 20% chance to reduce the target's speed by 10% after rank 5.
Wall of Fire Skill Moderate Teddy attacks a row of enemies, dealing damage to all enemies in the row. Chance for the flames to persist and deal a little more damage to the enemy a turn later after rank 5.
Flame Laser Skill Moderate Teddy attacks an enemy for high damage. 20% chance to ignore 35% of the enemies Magic Resistance after rank 5.

Gear QuestsEdit

Teddy currently has one quest where he obtains upgraded gear. It is: