The Toy Factory Grounds is a campaign and multiplayer mission hub available for the 2014 winter

It's the home to several goblin elf NPCs, and a goblin leader dressed in a santa suit.


The following missions are found within The Toy Factory Grounds.

  1. Clear the Toy Factory Lobby
  2. Reclaim the Receiving Key
  3. Reclaim the Shipping Key
  4. No More Bad Toys! (multiplayer mission)


There are several non-player characters (NPCs) around The Toy Factory Grounds. All but two are goblins dressed as elves.

  • The Grunch - The goblin leader dressed as santa is located in the middle of the area. He gives you your main mission quests, and allows players below level 15 access to the multiplayer map, No More Bad Toys!
  • Questgiver Elves - The three elves surrounding The Grunch give the player one secondary quest each. Each of these secondary quests corresponds to a holiday mission.
  • Holiday Store - The eastmost goblin elf gives the player access to a store, where the player can buy Winter Festival Stockings in exchange for 20 Winter Festival Tokens per stocking.
  • Collector Elves - These three elves will let you turn in your Wrapping PaperToy Parts, and Batteries in sets of 10 in exchange for 4 Winter Festival Tokens per set.
  • Random Lady - There's some random lady you can talk to, west of the big tree. I think she went to the wrong christmas party.