For a new character in the Shards world, there are five Timed Bonus Chests available to you. 

  • The first one shows up while you are building your town and has a 5 minute timer until you can open it. Depending on how long you take to complete the quests, you can access it before completing Companions to Level 3. Otherwise you can grab it when you return from the first mission.
  • The second chest has a 15 minute timer. 
  • The third chest has a 30 minute timer.
  • The fourth chest has a 60 minute timer.
  • The fifth chest has a 2 hour timer.

These chests are available until you have clicked them all, so if you walk away from the game before the timer is done counting down, you will be able to open it when you return. Once you have opened the fifth chest, they are done and won't return. But if you create an alternate character once you unlock the spot, or delete and restart your character, you will have them again.

  • First timed chest
  • Second timed chest
  • Third timed chest
  • Fourth timed chest
  • Fifth timed chest