A warrior, clad in armor.

The Warrior is a playable character in Shards of Titan.

Description[edit | edit source]

Warriors are rugged, sword-wielding adventurers who rely on their high attack damage and health to best their opponents. In battle, these warriors gain and consume Rage by attacking and using their active skills.

Skills[edit | edit source]

When entering a new instance, your Rage is reset to 0. Skills take the spot of your next autoattack, they do not trigger separately.

Skill Picture Type Cost Description Rank 1/5/10/15 Bonus
Healthy Passive N/A +10% Max HP for each rank. Regen 0/1/2/3% of your Max HP per turn.
Armorer Passive N/A +10% Armor for each rank. Reflect 0/3/6/9% of enemy physical damage taken.
Resistant Passive N/A +10% Magic Resistance for each rank. Heal for 0/2/4/6% of magic damage taken.


Passive N/A +20% Luck for each rank. 0/1/2/3% chance to completely dodge an attack.
Leadership Passive N/A Increases Companion damage modifier to 50% + (2% * rank).  Companions have a ?/50/60/70% chance of focusing your target (Base value unknown).1
Strong Passive N/A +5% Strength for each rank. +0/5/10/15% Attack Damage.
Crushing Blows Auto-attack +1 Auto-attack for 70% + (3% * rank) of your Attack Damage. Every attack and skill gives you +1 Rage. Gain 0/2/3/4 Rage from every attack (this is not including the +1 rage innate to the skill).
Strike Skill +5 Attack for (10 * rank) + 67% + (3% * rank) of your Attack Damage. No cooldown. 20% chance to cause a bleed for 0/25/50/75% of your Attack Damge per turn for 2 turns (total of 0/50/100/150 AP).
Cleave Skill -15 Hit all enemies in a vertical line for (10 * rank) + 38% + (2% * rank) Attack Damage (exception: 15 base at rank 1). No cooldown. Additionally deals 0/10/20/30% of your Ability Power as damage.
Whirlwind Skill -20 Hit all enemies for 5 + (5 * rank) + 23% + (2% * rank) Attack Damage (exception: 30% scaling at rank 1). No cooldown. Additionally deals 0/10/20/30% of your Ability Power as damage.
Impale Skill -30 Hit an enemy for heavy damage based off a piecewise function. Deals 330 + 380% Attack Damage at rank 15. No cooldown. 0/5/10/15% chance to stun the enemy for 1 turn when using Impale.
Overpower Skill -20 Hit an enemy for moderate damage based off a piecewise function. Reduces damage done by the enemy by 5% + (5% * rank) for 1 turn. 3 turn cooldown. Additionally deals 0/10/20/30% of your Ability Power as damage.
Retaliate Skill -15 Attack for 5 + (5 * rank) + 58% + (2% * rank) damage. Deals double damage if you were hit since your last turn. No cooldown. Extra damage triggers if you were hit in the last 1/1/1/4 turns
Furious Skill 0 Increases the damage of your next attack by 105% + (5% * rank) damage (uses a turn). 3 turn cooldown.

Instantly gain 0/10/20/30 Rage.

1The base value is likely the natural chance your companions have of hitting the enemy. If there are 4 enemies, the natural chance to hit any of  the 4 enemies is 1 in 4, or 25%.

Notable Gear[edit | edit source]

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