The Wizard is a playable character in Shards of Titan.

Female wizard in early game gear

Description[edit | edit source]

Wizards are speedy, staff-weilding powerhouses who rely on their intelligence and many skills to best their opponents. In battle, these characters gain and consume Arcane Power from attacking and using their active skills.

Skills[edit | edit source]

When entering a new instance, your Arcane Power is reset to 0. Skills take the spot of your next autoattack, they do not trigger separately.

Skill Picture Type Cost Description Rank 1/5/10/15 Bonus
Healthy Passive N/A +10% Max HP for each rank. Regen 0/1/2/3% of your Max HP per turn.
Armorer Passive N/A +10% Armor for each rank. Reflect 0/3/6/9% of enemy physical damage taken.
Resistant Passive N/A +10% Magic Resistance for each rank. Heal for 0/2/4/6% of magic damage taken.


Passive N/A +20% Luck for each rank. 0/1/2/3% chance to completely dodge an attack.
Leadership Passive N/A Increases Companion damage modifier to 50% + (2% * rank).  Companions have a ?/50/60/70% chance of focusing your target (Base value unknown).1
Intelligent Passive N/A +5% Intelligence for each rank. +0/5/10/15%  Ability Power
Staff Lore Auto-attack +1 Auto-attacks for 90% + (4%*rank) of your Ability Power. At max rank, deals 150% AP damage. Every attack and skill gives you +1 Arcane Power.  Gain 0/2/3/4 Arcane Power from every attack (this is not including the +1 Arcane Power innate to the skill).
Fireball Skill +5 Scorch a single enemy for x + (y%*rank) of your Ability Power. No cooldown. 20% chance to explode and deal damage of (0/10/15/20%) of your Ability Power to all enemies. If it explodes, you get 1/3/4/5 extra Arcane Power for each enemy hit, depending on the level of Staff Lore.
Wall of Fire Skill -15 Ignite a row of enemies for damage. Rank 1-5, damage is (15*rank) + [58% +(2%*rank) of your Ability Power.] Rank 6-10, damage is {75 + [25*(1 through 5)]} + {70% + [3% *(1 through 5)] AP.} Rank 11-15, damage is {200 + [50 * (1 through 5)]} + {84% + [4.5% * (1 through 5)] AP.} 20% chance the flames persist, dealing 0/20/40/60% of their original damage.
Firestorm Skill -20 Blast all enemies for x + y% Ability Power each 20% chance to reduce affected enemies' speed by 0/10/20/30% for two turns
Flame Laser Skill -30 Laser an enemy for 35 + 15*rank + (171 + 19*rank)% Ability Power 0/20/40/60% chance the attack ignores 35% of the enemy's Magic Resist.
Freeze Skill -25 Freeze an enemy for x + y% of your Ability Power. Decrease the enemy's speed by (5 + 5*rank)% for two turns. 0/10/20/30% chance to stun the enemy for one turn
Shock Skill -20 Shock an enemy for x + y% of your ability power. Reduce enemy's Armor and Magic Resist by 20/40/50/60%. Reduction of enemy's Armor and Magic Resist by 20/40/50/60%. Enemy regains 0/20/25/30% Armor and MR back each of your subsequent turns.
Phase Shift Skill 0 Increase your Armor and Magic Resist by 18% + (2% * rank) for two turns from rank 1 through 14. Max rank increases you Armor and Magic Resist by 50% for two turns. Gives you a 25% + (5% * rank) chance to be immune to damage for one turn. [There is a three turn cooldown between uses.] Instantly gain 0/30/35/40 Mana (Arcane Power)

1The base value is likely the natural chance your companions have of hitting the enemy. If there are 4 enemies, the natural chance to hit any of  the 4 enemies is 1 in 4, or 25%.

Notable Gear[edit | edit source]

Arcane Set[edit | edit source]

Full Arcane outfit

Gear Picture Location Primary Stats
Arcane Circlet The Untouched Incursion

+64 Armor

+65 Magic Resist

Arcane Gloves +67 Intelligence
Arcane Robe

+93 Armor

+95 Magic Resist

Arcanite Staff +84 Ability Power
Arcane Leggings +77 Endurance
Arcane Shoes

+15 Armor

+16 Magic Resist

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